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Dear Potential WBI Distributor,


By visiting our web site you must have SOME interest in offering a high quality product to your customers.  Well, I invite you to call us so we can discuss how WBI can help you grow your hub unit sales.  We are now setting up distributors across the United States and if you are a warehouse distributor (or independent jobber) we would like to speak with you.  Our current customers are surprised by the amount of people willing to support a USA company like WBI.   


Doesn’t it seem like everybody is offering hub units these days?  You typically see the same imported hubs with different labels slapped on the box. With WBI that is not the case!  Everything we offer is either "Made in the USA" or the actual OEM unit.  Fact is we actually manufacture most of the hubs ourselves and have been doing so for over Thirty years.  Selling imported economy grade hub units is very price driven (and there is a market for that) but with WBI you can offer your customers a higher quality product at a price they can afford. 


Please continue to explore our site and when you’re done give us a call to discuss how you can become a WBI distributor. 




Tim Kasper


Tim Kasper – Owner