Frequently asked Questions



Please contact us today.  1-866-HUB-UNIT or 1-989-705-1241 

You can also email us at:


      Q: Do you actually produce hub units yourself?

A: Yes.  We are an actual manufacturer of hub units. 

     We have supplied all of the aftermarket name brand lines for years. 


Q: Is your entire line Made in the USA?

A: No.  Everything that we produce is Made in the USA

    but a few of the OEM units we source are produced outside

    the USA (IE: Canada, Japan).  Every unit we offer is Made in the USA or

    actual OEM. 


Q: Are your prices as cheap as the units coming from offshore?

A: No.  Our prices are very aggressive but fall between the

     imported units from offshore and the branded lines.


Q: Do you sell retail over the internet?

A: No.  We only work with independent parts stores and warehouses

     to distribute our product.




Q: Why do I need a third line of hubs when I stock two lines as it is?


A: I will give you the answer our current customers have given me -

    “my hub unit category has grown as whole since adding your line”. 


Q: What if I bring your line in and it doesn’t sell?

A: We offer a “Guaranteed Sale” for the first six months. 

    After six months if you feel WBI just isn’t working for you

    we will buy your remaining stock back (your account must be

    in good standing at the time).


Q: Are you in WHI or Activant?

A: Yes.  We are in both.